Biographical Résumé for

Richard Arthur Reyment

Born on December 4th, 1926 at Coburg, Vic., Australia. My secondary schooling was obtained at Scotch College, Melbourne. I graduated B.Sc. at Melbourne University in November 1948 . In 1947 I worked as a student geologist on the Devonian project with the Bureau of Mineral Resources (Canberra, Australia). In 1949-1950 I held a temporary geological appointment with Luossavaara-Kiruunavaara A.B., Malmberget, Sweden. In 1950 I was appointed a geologist in the British Colonial Service and stationed in Nigeria, West Africa for six years. During my Nigerian service, I obtained the degree of M.Sc. from the University of Melbourne (subject: Cretaceous palaeontology (molluscs) of Nigeria)  In 1956, I defended a Ph.D. thesis at Stockholm University on the palaeontology and stratigraphy of Nigeria and the Cameroons (examiners Drs. W. Arkell (Cambridge) and F. Brotzen (Stockholm). The outcome of this examination led to my being awarded a docentur (senior lecturer) at Stockholm, whereupon I resigned my British appointment. The next seven years were devoted to continued research on West African geology and the application of biometry to palaeontological research. In 1961, I was appointed as Universitetslektor (associate professor) at Stockholm. In 1963 I was asked to start a department of Geology at  the rapidly expanding University of Ibadan, Nigeria (at that time a college of the University of London) as Professor of Petroleum Geology and Chairman of the Department of Geology. I remained in Ibadan until 1965, when I returned to Stockholm to take up an Associate Professorship in Biometry with the Natural Science Research Council. In 1967 I obtained the degree of D.Sc. from Melbourne University (ChiefExaminers: Prof. Martin F. Glaessner and Dr. Alexander Öpik).

In 1967 I was appointed to the Chair of  Geology (Historical Geology) at the University of Uppsala, a post I filled until my retirement on December 31st, 1991. I was elected a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in 1964 (nominated by prof. Harald Cramér), a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1974 and a foreign fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 1978. I am also a fellow of Kungl. Vetenskapssocieten (Uppsala) and Kungl. Fysiografiska Sällskapet (Lund). During my Uppsala years, I initiated the IUGS/UNESCO South Atlantic project. An outcome of the Brazilian work was IGCP project 58-Mid-Cretaceous Events, an enterprise that stretched over ten years and which produced a vast amount of new information on all aspects of the Albian-Coniacian (Cretaceous), including the origin of the South Atlantic.

A further development was the journal Cretaceous Research, which I started in 1980. Of later years, I have become more and more involved with theoretical work in geology and palaeontology. I was the prime mover for the International Association for Mathematical Geology (its first General Secretary and subsequently its President and in 2002 the only recipient of that organization’s Commendation). I was one of the founders of the European Union of Geosciences (comité de parrainage). I was for six years a member of the UNESCO committee COGEODATA. I was President of the Geological Society of Sweden in 1972 and acting President in 1973. My research interests have led to studies of random events in time (including volcanic outbreaks and earth tremors), the analysis of shape variation (arising out of work with Professor R. E. Blackith (Dublin) on our burgeoning new science of Multivariate Morphometrics) and applications of multivariate statistical analysis in geology and biology, including taxonomy, quantitative genetics and ecology.

Additionally, I have published several articles on quantitative linguistics (Tsiganology), and the genetic history of the Moors of the Iberian Peninsula, serological statistics, and the history of geology. At the time of writing I have 365 publications to my name (including eleven books) on the Geology of Africa, the U. S. A., Japan, South America, the Mesozoic of Sweden, the Cretaceous and Neogene of Spain, the Cretaceous and Tertiary of Australia, biometry and quantitative genetics of ammonoids, foraminifers and ostracods (living and fossil). My palaeontological monographs deal with ammonites and other molluscs, foraminifers and ostracods. From 1980 1986 I was a member of the Geosciences section of the Swedish Natural Science Research Council. I was made a Knight of the Order of the Pole Star  in(1972) and awarded the Krumbein Medal of the International Association for Mathematical Geology (1979), the Hadding Prize, Lund (1974) for my work on continental drift, the Bjorkén Prize, Uppsala (1989) and the State Medal in Silver of Israel (1986).

I have held visiting professorships and fellowships at Moscow, 1960-1961; Kansas, 1966-1967; Syracuse (USA), 1972; Paris, 1973, 1977; Kyushu, 1973; Cambridge, 1979; Málaga, 1986; Bonn, 1986-1987; Tel Aviv, 1986; Montpellier, 1991; Tokyo, 1993; 2000, 2002, Shizuoka, 1994, 1995, 1997 (Shizuoka/Tsukuba), 1998, Oxford, 1996, 1999, 2002 and Minia (Egypt), 2001, Tsukuba, 2003, 2004, 2005.

 My current scientific activities are concerned with variability in invertebrates (geometric morphometrics), multivariate analysis of serological data, the analysis of recurrent morphotypes in ammonites, compositional multivariate statistical analysis in biology and geology and the application of the theory of point processes to volcanic activity.

 In February 2007 my work in West Africa was honoured by Nigerian authorities through the medium of a gold medal, in my name, to be awarded for scientific excellence in the elucidation of the Nigerian sedimentary sequences. My initiative in founding the International Association for Mathematical Geology was recognized in May 2008 by my being made an Honourary Life Member of the Association.

I hold dual nationality, to wit, Swedish and British (United Kingdom and Northern Ireland). My wife is Swedish (we were married in Stockholm in September 1950).  On September 23, 2014 my beloved wife of 66 wonderful years passed away.

As is evident from the "Publications" section, Eva Regina Reyment néeHolmström has over the years been very active in my work and responsible for the organization and technical aspects of my Projects.  Requiescat in Pace.